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  • indianabacklog
    03-22 11:22 PM
    Hello everybody ! I am 22 years old. My parents had applied for GC under the employment based category. I, unfortunately, aged out before my parents applied I-140 because of the stupid backlogs. So I aged out even before an I-140 was filed. I was reading the Child protection act info and could not understand if I will be "automatically classified to the appropriate category" for GC which is Family 2B and retain my "original PD." Does this apply to me as I had not even filed I-140 when I aged out ? My parent's PD is Oct 2000 so does this mean I am under Family 2B with Oct 2000 PD ?? Please help me out. I am sure many of you with sons/daughters that are in a similar situation. Thanks

    My son also aged out before my I140 was filed. I was told that he would not be able to keep the same priority date and it would be fixed by the date when I could apply for his family based application. So, if I were to file an I130 next week his priority date would be March 2008.

    In order for the priority date to be fixed at the point when labor certification was applied for the I140 would have to be submitted before his 21st birthday and be approved within a time period that could be deducted from his age at time of approval, making him under 21 at that time.

    The child status protection act is pretty useless to children in your position or my son's since the big delay occurred in the labor cert stage.

    If however, you can find a different interpretation of this situation feel free to send me a personal message and I will follow through as well.

    There are a number of members in IV whose children aged out so while this is not a prevalent subject matter it is one that affects more people than you might realize.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    07-20 01:30 PM
    Thanks, Chandu.

    Did you move to a different place or changed within the city where you currently live? I was reading an article yesterday and it said, if we move outside the area where we are currently located, it could trigger an RFE. I dont know how far its true.


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  • GCchaos
    10-23 09:27 AM
    Hi everyone,

    I have applied for my H1 in may this year and the receipt date was 31st may,the service center being Vermont.There was a query regarding my husband's paystubs in september and we sent it to them on september 19th.Many of my friends who applied H1 around the sametime as me got theirs approved in the first week of october..But mine is still pending.I wanted to know if any one is in a similar situation.

    Please reply.

    Thanks a lot.

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  • rajsenthil
    05-22 11:38 AM
    I too got the soft lud's on May 21 for all of my 485. There is no change in the current status. Could that be FPs are sent or just a regular batch update? I don't know.


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  • qwerty14
    01-20 01:14 PM

    My main worry is that since I dont have a copy of the I-140 approval from old employer, Is there a way the new employer can ask USCIS to look up that case(I have a copy of the receipt)?

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  • sodh
    07-27 12:21 AM
    Folks, let us concentrate on sending the output of all the good analysis done by various members to this person who it appears has a job to identify and recommend systemic fixes. It would be far more useful than sharing woes amongst ourselves in these b-boards.

    If he could fix everything we would'nt be in trouble.


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  • rbashir
    02-16 10:54 AM
    If the labor cert has been filed, approved and the I-140 has been filed, I think you can file for an extension of the H1-b. I was advised the same by my attorney, but by the time we filed for the extention, my I-140 was also approved (rather quickly).

    You should contact your immigration attorney right away.

    But what about extension based on appeal

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  • anai
    06-14 09:46 AM
    It is absolutely feasible to do this on your own. After all you are well educated by definition of your H1B visa. The only thing you need from your employer is the letter of employment and you will need a public notary to notarize the affidavit of support.

    The rest you can put together yourself. Just filed for my husband and myself at the beginning of May, fingerprints done on June 4th. Going well so far.

    We would still need the I-140 application copy (if pending) or approval notice, right? Pl let me know.


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  • bayarea07
    08-06 09:23 PM
    Your Priority date seems to be Dec 2005 and if i remember correctly USCIS had a memo to complete all Background Check in 6 Months so yours should have been over long time ago.

    But Again I am not a expert here and could be wrong, EXPERTS please advise

    Does any one know on an average how much time it will take to complete background check?

    My PD is current this month and there is background check pending on my case..

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  • dilbert_cal
    05-08 07:59 PM
    Once you have two pay stubs , you can change the company. You can change even with a single pay stub but with two you are much safer.

    Its a very debatable thing to discuss whether leaving so soon is good or not ..... wont go into it. You should always do what is best for you and your family. Everything else comes later.....


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  • HV000
    07-27 10:12 AM
    Does anybody know if there are any SENATE amendments (Clearing EB BACKLOG) attached to the DHS APPROPRIATIONS BILL??

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  • revnet
    October 24th, 2004, 08:54 AM
    Does anybody have any experience using this camera in the studio? If so, what lighting equipment are you using. The manual only says to use Canon flashes or equivalent, which aren't going to cut it. I'm not that familiar with trigger voltage (250V) and don't want to fry the thing. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. What I'm looking for is a brand of lights that would work with E-TTL. Thanks


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  • khyati
    03-21 04:51 PM
    I am planning on getting my H1 done for this year... i have talked to a couple of people about the same and someone said thai i might have Pay to get my H1 Processed and get the job.... is it a right choice to make....

    most of the H1's consultant i have come across does only ITsector

    is there anyone who can suggest how to get the H1 for other field like Pharmacy, Microbiology.....etc....

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  • eastindia
    03-04 01:00 PM
    What is donor forum. How to access that?

    Click on donate button and sign up for monthly recurring contributions. You will know lot of information about IV activities.


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  • amsgc
    06-20 11:25 AM
    Those who are trying to become a member of any state chapters, please post your requests here. Someone will get in touch with you.

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  • gc-gc plz
    04-01 09:40 PM
    Hello everyone,

    According to my immigration-lawyer, I have received a notice for interview. I filed under EB2 category and only my and my wife's I-485 is pending. I had friends who got their GC without the interview, but i got called of an interview, so I was wondering why i got called for an interview-any specific reasons that some of us get called for an interview?

    Another questions is; i read some blogs and almost all the people who were called for an interview seem to get a list of documents from the INS to take along for the interview. My attorney didnot mention anything about the list, so do all interview notices come with the document list or is it normal to not have one?

    Please any insight in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


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  • gc28262
    02-28 04:19 PM
    Why take risk ? File an LCA.

    Anyway LCA is tied to work location, so you probably will have to file an LCA. --My guess

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  • godbless
    01-10 03:16 PM
    :confused: But the dates having moved beyond the April 2000 deadline ( may be temporarily), why should they not move fast when the VB was current for a long time and there should not be many cases after April 2000 those were not adjudicated. So I feel if the dates don't retrogress then they should move forward faster.


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