Monday, August 15, 2011

Kristin Stewart makeup

No matter what you think of Kristin Stewart, you have to admit that her makeup is always flawless. Every time I see Kristen Stewart first I look what is she wearing and than I try to find a closer look too see her makeup. I never end up disappointed. Her eyes are what makes her makeup so special. Kristin has that perfect smokey eye, most of the time she is using brown tones combined with black and grey. Those are my favorite eye shadow colors, I'm not big fan of color eye shadows...I prefer natural. Her lips are usually natural with no gloss, if she wants to glam up her look a bit she wears red lip stick. I wish she has red lips more often because it looks very pretty on her. On her chicks she has just a little bit of blush, her shin is usually pale.

I posted few videos from You Tube where you can see how to recreate her makeup.


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