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  • e-mailed my 2 NY senators with a personal letter explaining the problem in the new immigration bill. Requested changes to be made.


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  • Can an employer revoke the I-140 after 180 days of I-485 pending?

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  • If they can work out a deal with Bill Frist then the bill can pass Senate as a byproduct of CIR. The bill is so short that they can basically pass it within 10 minutes as long as Bill Frist bring it onto the table.

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  • If you ordered your flowers through FTD, can you check your status and let me know which delivery company (UPS, Fedex etc) they are using for your order and what is the status of your order?



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  • LasVegas,

    As far as I can remember all I needed for SIN card was my landing papers and my passport as ID. I did not open a bank account in Canada so I can't help you with that one.

    Is there an advantage in opening a bank account if you plan to return to the US? Please let me know. I might want to open one myslef if it's going to help in anyway.


    Thanks for info about proof-of-funds question. Another quick question, what documents are needed to apply for SIN card & open a bank account?


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  • Any lobbying for immigration is tough at the time of recession. I think you are trying to do advocacy effort. Without getting approval from core IV group it will not be any use as advocacy effort only will not work. Senators will note your concerns and will act only if some bill is introduced. You need lobbying with advocacy effort for changing any law. Lobbyists will lobby only at right time as if they do in wrong time it will backfire.

    Senthil, I agree with you for once.

    However some people are too bent on doing this campaign that they forget the realities. Maybe they are having a secure jobs and have EADs. So they have nothing to lose. For people on H1B any wrong step will cause government to shut down the entire immigration or punish immigrants. They did it with TARP and now they will do it in every industry if we do not understand. The newspaper headline will be H1B Indians immigrants asking for greencards after taking American jobs. Like it or not, but this is how antis will show us and all Americans and lawmakers who are sympathetic towards us till now will support antis due to bad economy and for the need of Citizens to stick together in bad times. You have also made this issue of Indians and that is a big no no. Indians now getting a bad name and have become notorious and if you highlight 'Indians' then you are in for a failure. So any campaign should be about all immigrants and not just Indians. Indian Immigrants are having a bad reputation in IT circles these days.

    Guys do you know that economy is going from recession to depression? I read somewhere that in the last depression they shut down immigration. So let us not do anything that will be hard on H1Bs just because you have a secure EAD cards.


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  • Hi,

    Thank You for taking initiation. Please add my name in the spreadsheet.

    Chandrasekhar Nachu, . My contribution is $100.

    Thanks buddy..can u please send me ur email ID too? I guess in the future when we have # of pledges grow, we will use email as the way to communicate the status on this effort.

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  • Contributed $50. Will contribute more Apr.

    (Unique Transaction ID #7VF446858B266490E)


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  • I pledge $100

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  • Thank you, texcan. FP may not be requierd for EAD renewal or first-time EAD? Mine is first time EAD. So, eseentially no FP yet for 485 (filed August 07) and first time EAD (this August)!

    Thanks again!

    Congrats on EAD renewal. Enjoy and relax; please donot get in habbit of worry for anything and everything.

    Anyways, paper based ead renewal donot require finger prints. Search the forum, this has been stated many time.



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  • done... Congressman changed in recent election.

    Newly elected lawmakers are not members of the Congress until 7th January, 2011. In the lame duck session i.e. time between elections and end of the year, the same lawmakers will continue to vote even if they lost their election.

    The names of the Members of Congress is correct.

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  • Mehul,

    You will survive.


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  • Hey,

    Just keep in mind those dots doesn;t count...what will count is how in the world are we going to tell USCIS our pain and this hostile situation ....

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  • Are you a journalist by any chance? :D

    As i mentioned in the thread Gandhigiri in one of my first posts to support the flower campaign idea.. Rosa parks was the inspiration for MLK in this country for the civil disobedience This is very similar to how Gandhiji got the idea of Satyagraha from - guess who? Kasturba Gandhi.

    We need to carry on more things like this in a non-violent way at grassroots level to increase the visibility. Imagine what Gandhiji did in the 1940's with the entire media controlled by the Brits and with no other medium of communication available. We are in a far better situation right now we have access to media, can create our own blogs and we should use it to make our presence felt and highlight the injustice done to us.


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  • My labour and I-140 is approved last year and I am working with current employer from last 1 and half years. Employer is making good money trough me.

    As now the dates are current, my employer is trying to exploit me.

    He is not responding to my mails, and not picking my phone.

    Last modified message which I got from him is that:

    The whole financials for the company changes with filing 485 for you immediately. So, it is definitely a loss for company to process your 485 immediately.

    you need to come with items that you are ready to compromise in return; so that the company also benefits by helping you."

    I am very much in tension and he is talking to me.

    Can someone suggest what may be the option for me?

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  • http://thevoice.name/?p=2351


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  • Mehul,

    I am sitting here wondering what to say...My gut feeling says that you will make it through and you still have 6 months to turn the whole situation around.

    But, first get your hands on this movie and watch it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b1GKGWJbE8

    It is on a book called "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. Watch the movie and start believing in yourself and go for whatever treatment is available.

    You will make it bro..

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  • Those who are seeing the 'Welcome Notice malied' status have ADIT mentioned in the Case Status online. There is NOTHING to be done at your end except waiting for the cards once your case is approved. USCIS will NOT approve a case unless the FP is complete - refer to the 485 adjudicator field manual.

    Just like their legacy IT systems, USCIS standard email messages are also in the same league and have not been updated. Wait for the cards and contact USCIS only if you dont receive them in a reasonable amount of time - read two weeks from case approval date.

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  • It may not directly harm visa recapture or any other official IV campaigns - at least for now! But don't you think if EB3-I campaign to revert to the old way of handling the overflow succeeds at all their will be an immediate follow up, counter campaign to re-revert the decision by EB2s? I don't see an end to this fight and I don't see any winners in the long term.

    Again, I'm not saying you shouldn't run your campaign. You have every right to do so. But please accept this for what it is. It will cause a split in IV members and that can not be avoided.

    Yes, you quoted Visa bulletin which says DOS "may" not to adhere to country limits in distributing spill overs .

    is there anything that says that distribution further has to be done in a particular way ??

    I have not found any . Probably there is none otherwise DOS could not have gotten away with "vertical" and "Horizontal" flip flops.

    In that light every comment about EB*->EB? , failing smell tests are speculative at best.

    You are yet to respond to my question of why EB3-I and recapture lobbying efforts cannot proceed simultaneously and How EB3-I lobbying undermines recapture effort.

    Do you see anywhere in INA mentioning that "EB-dependents should NOT be filed in EB-category". How is it a "mis-interpretation" then?

    Again like I mentioned before you can achive the same goal (which you care about) via a different approach.

    ...the official mis interpretation ...

    Did you noticed any LUD before check cashing as you got receipt from california. I filed on July 20 and no news yet.


    I just want to share some goods news from side.

    All my checks got cashed today. I applied on July 23rd at NSC and got the receipt #'s from WAC.

    I hope who ever is waiting for RN's they will get soon.




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